We don't use stars, we use beers when it comes to our rating system. 1 beer is equavalent to 1 star. Restaurants are rated based on the following 4 criteria: food, service, value & atmosphere. Each criteria is divided into 5 specific categories. Restaurants earn 1 beer per category. 5 is the highest amount of beers a restaurant can obtain in each category.



  1. Quality - Are the ingredients fresh? Are they cooked properly? 
  2. Flavor/taste - Is the dish well balanced & seasoned?  
  3. Authenticity - Are the dishes authentic? 
  4. Menu  - Does the menu accurately represent the dishes being served? Does it fit the theme of the restaurant?
  5. Presentation - Does the food look appetizing? Is the smell enticing?


  1. Greeting - Were you greeted & acknowledged upon entering the restaurant?
  2. First contact - Was your waiter pleasant, welcoming, & clean?
  3. Demeanor of Staff - How was your overall experience with each member of the staff? Were they pleasant and helpful?
  4. Timing - How long did it take for you to be seated? How long did it take for your order to be taken? How long did it take for your meal to be served? Was every guest in your party served each course at the same time? Was each course delivered in a timely manner?
  5. Efficiency- Was your waiter prompt? Did your waiter check back to make sure that your order was correct or to refill drinks, water, etc? Was the waiter organized? How does the wait staff and restaurant deal with special requests?


  1. Service - Was the level of service received adequate for the type of restaurant and amount of money spent at the establishment.
  2. The meal - Was the meal worth what was paid for it? 
  3. Location - Was the restaurant clean, well maintained, and worth the cost of dining in the restaurant? 
  4. Revisit - Would you return to the restaurant again?
  5. Overall Experience - Was the overall experience positive and money well spent or was it a waste of time & money?


  1. Decor - Was the decor of the restaurant appealing?
  2. Lighting - Was the lighting complimentary? 
  3. Welcoming - Does the staff create a welcoming atmosphere or is it stiff & uptight? 
  4. Acoustics - Were the acoustics in the restaurant favorable? was the background music too loud to have a conversation? Was there proper insulation installed to allow guests to engage in conversations at their tables without having to yell?
  5. The vibe - Was it lively & bustling with lots of activity from happy diners or was it a ghost town with dust on the tablecloth?