The review section features a collection of some of our most successful dining experiences and some pretty bad ones too. 

While we wish that our experiences dining out were always fantastic and filled with amazing food, great service, and the perfect atmosphere - that's not always the case; sometimes, they're complete duds. Before you know it, you've spent 120 € on dinner for two for a meal consisting of a frozen pizza and steamed salmon with scales on the skin (it happened at a restaurant in Stuttgart). 

On the other hand, sometimes you spend 20 € on a meal that blows your mind, taste buds, and makes you question what's better: a great meal or good sex? It's still up for debate. The perfect dining experience is about more than just the look of a restaurant; it's about the quality & taste of the food; it's about the value - is it worth what you're paying for it; it's about the service - how efficient is the staff? How do they deal with issues & special requests; it's about the atmosphere - is it welcoming and warm or is it stiff and uptight? There are so many elements that go into creating the ideal dining experience and you deserve to to have it all, no matter what your budget. After all, you're paying for it. We hope that your experiences dining out are always something worth writing home about, but for the ones that aren't, there's always beer. 


Breakfast never tasted so good. 


Mexican comfort food for the soul.


More than Tuk Tuk's temples, & Pad Thai.