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Hi there, Lexie is founder and driving force behind German Juice. She, her husband and a group of friends from different countries & backgrounds who love to eat, cook, travel, throw dinner parties, and have a nice beer from time to time, are the people behind the blog.

What does German Juice mean? Beer - Beautiful, hoppy, tasty, frothy, delicious German Beer! 

While beer is the inspiration for the creation and name of the blog, German Juice is all about food. We believe that everyone deserves to eat well, have great service, and a nice glass of beer. But, you don't always get what you pay for, especially when it comes to food. While dining out and traveling we've learned, and continue to learn, a few things and would like to use this blog as a platform to share recipes, reviews, travel tips, and food stories with you. 

We love fresh, well seasoned, and flavorful dishes from around the world. When Lexie first moved to Germany, she fell in love with the culture and especially German beer. Being able to travel to different countries with completely different languages and foods, makes living in Europe ideal for traveling - even if you're on a budget. As much as she loves French, Italian, Croatian, German, Turkish food and much more - like most people, she also missed the types of food she grew up eating like Jamaican food and the diverse mix of international cuisine available in California. The service oriented nature of the food industry in California and the U.S. in general, is also unparalleled. In California you have easy access to a variety of ingredients and being able to eat something uber-delicious like authentic Korean BBQ or a huge bowl of Pho at 3:00a.m. after a night out dancing, is always a plus. 

From the age of 7, Lexie has been developing her own recipes and cooking, so the fact that she was now living in Germany, and thousands of miles away from some of her favorite restaurants outside of Europe, wasn't going to stop her from eating some of her favorite dishes from restaurants like the Boiling Crab or having Mexican food; that's what German Juice is all about. We are inspired by all the people and places we've traveled to and through this blog we can share our love of all things food with you. We can share our favorite recipes from around the world, our hometown and family favorites, tips on service, where to eat, our favorite restaurants locally & internationally - as well as ones to avoid, and where to find specialty and our favorite local ingredients. Germany has particularly strict brewing standards. According to the Reinheitsgebot (German Beer Purity Law), beer can only contain water, hops, and barley. It doesn't get any better than that. Simplicity is perfection. Some countries even add amonia to to beer. Huh? When it comes to the recipes found on German Juice, they also consist of only natural ingredients. We prefer to use predominantly organic ingredients, and cook everything from scratch. However, we can't promise you that a can of duck confit purchased from a French Feinkost (Gourmet grocery store) won't make it onto our plates from time to time. To us, food is about telling stories, sharing experiences, and most of all - food has to taste good. We hope hope to help you tell some new stories and discover new flavors or reintroduce you to some old and familiar ones. Cheers! Wherever you are, we hope you're currently enjoying some delicious food and a glass of ice-cold German Juice. 



Founder & Editor

Growing up in a multiethnic family consisting of African, East Indian, Chinese, British, and Irish heritage, Lexie has always been exposed to different types of cuisines and will try anything at least once. She cooked her first three course meal, completely unsupervised, at the age of eight and has been on a mission to expand her knowledge of food ever since. Her adventures in food has led her to eat everything from cobra snake in Vietnam and balut in the Philippines, to dégustation menus at michelin starred restaurants like Providence, in Los Angeles. Lexie has an extensive background in food and has worked in several restaurants as both front & back of the house staff and restaurant management.

When she's not cooking and eating, she's busy making music. With her music, she has toured all over Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, & North America, but no matter where she goes or whom she meets, there's always one thing on her mind: "Where can I get something yummy to eat?" Since moving to Germany, she's been obsessed with brining a bit of California food culture & her Jamaican heritage to the German food world. A perfect day for Lexie consists of laying on a white sand beach enjoying a plate of curried conch with steamed rice and an ice-cold bottle of a good German Pilsner

Favorite Beer: Pilsner Lager (especially Wolters) 



Technical Specialist & taster

Kahlil is a software developer and current sugar addict turned foodie. In addition to his job as a software developer, he's also the host of several podcasts, is one of the founders & organizers of Karlruhe JS. He also manages to fit in some time to make music as the second half of Ka+Bo and often works with Lexie and other producers on a variety of music projects. A perfect day for Kahlil would involve lots of sunshine, nature, relaxing and being able to sleep-in, which is very rare because of his long daily commute. His favorite dish is Jamaican curry chicken with rice & peas. Since he has a huge sweet tooth, he is big on desserts and finishes every meal with a shot of espresso. 

Favorite Beer: Wheat - Kristallweizen 






Nikki is very eclectic when it comes to her taste in food. She eats meat and seafood but has also been a vegetarian. When she's not drafting plans for her next project as an architect or teaching yoga classes, Nikki's busy cooking up delicious recipes and recreating culinary memories from a childhood spent at the Croatian seaside. Her Croatian background is a huge part of her influence and if food was a language, then Croatian is her speciality. A perfect day for Nikki would be spent in Dubrovnik, eating Ćevapčići and fresh clams by the seaside while listening to music from Josipa Lisac. 

Favorite beer: Hell (Pale Lager) - Wulle




German Juice

Beer - The inspiration behind the blog

Beer is uncomplicated, unpretentious, and oh so tasty. A nice glass of German beer has been the genesis for many late nights filled with laughter, great conversations with good friends, and delicious food. Beer is simply awesome and we love it. 


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