It's fall in Germany but it already feels like the beginning of what I'm sure will be another long winter. The raindrops pittter-patter on the window sill as I stare at the plum tree in front of our house through a barrier of double pane glass while I sit at my desk working on graphics. The leaves of the plum tree are a lush forest green interlaced with a few golden ones to break up the monotony of verdant hues and remind us of warm summer days that were not so long ago left behind. But like any other day, I'm preoccupied with images of what was on my plate, is currently on my plate, and what will eventually be on my plate. Today's preoccupation is soup! I make a lot of soup at home during fall and winter but for those days when you want a hearty meal steeping in broth and you just don't have the time to make it, Eat Drink Man Woman.



There's nothing like grilling your own meat at the table


When I say Eat Drink Man Woman, I'm not referring to the 1994 release of the Taiwanese filmdirected by Ang Lee bearing that moniker; I'm referring to the Korean restaurant in the heart of Stuttgart-West that borrows its namesake from said film. Normally when I visit Korean restaurants I'm All Bulgogi All The Time, but every now and then I order something else. Today I feel like having Szelleng-Tang, which is a clear soup with beef, vegetables and noodles, topped with a sunny side-up egg.


Although many of us hate the long winters, keeping warm can be a whole lot of yummy food-fun. Let me know if you make it over to Eat Drink Man Woman. Maybe I'll see you there.